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The timeline has moved.

Please find the current and updated timeline at: https://lmbpn.com/universe-timelines/

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  • Rogue Operator is listed in 2 categories and the links are connected. You can’t click on both, it just unclicks the 1st selection. Other than that – I LOVE THIS!!

    • Rogue Operator is a single book written for 2 different series. (Or maybe written in one series as a launch point for another series, but I am guessing here) and when I asked where it should go, it was recommended I put it in two places. So you are quite welcome to read it multiple times, but if you mark one version, it helpfully marks it read in both places, (er … after refreshing the page the marks synchronize to the latest selection)

  • Sorry fir my ignorance but how do you enable the cookies to remember what has been clicked on? Iโ€™ve tried three times but have been diverted to amazon each time (clumsy thumbs I think) and lost all my clicked book circles each time. And it is annoying since Iโ€™ve read an awful lot of these books. So thatโ€™s three times an aweful lot of clicks!

    • Sorry it took me so long to reply, I just found the comments log, filters seem to be on preview/approve everything setting.

      Cookies are a browser setting, most are enabled by default but a few need to be enabled, I recommend a search for “enable cookies” and your browser/device type (chrome/firefox/safari/android/???)

  • What an utterly cool clickable timeline. I really hope that you set a trend, because this would work for so many other authors as well. Well done.
    One tiny suggestion – perhaps you could include a code to indicate the target audience (e.g. adults or teens). Thanks.

  • Very nice. Is a built in search engine going to be included. So, if I want to look up what a Kezzin is. I could type in the search field: What is a Kezzin? and it will bring up a definition of one was every written in that way on the website or it will list all the listings of Kezzin being imprinted on the website.
    What I’m seeing currently is a simple word search.
    I’m not trying to be picky, what I see now is incredible. All the time and energy that has went into this site is enormous. My hat’s off the everyone that had a hand in its creation and thank you very much.

  • So where do the Ages of Madness, Magic, and Expansion fit in the overall timeline? I’ve been trying to stay chronological but I’m not sure where to read these at within the timeline. Or do they stand on their own but within the same universe?

    • Except for the Misc books (where MA has written at least part of each) all are in the Kurtherian Universe. They are essentially standalone, but the first book(s) of the main series helps with background explanations. There is a LOT of (time) overlap between the series (hence this page). The ages are ordered in approximately chronological order, but as they keep writing more books, the time gaps are vanishing. So until I get told otherwise (or amazon takes the “age of” from the book page title) they will stay grouped in ages.

    • BA starting with Death Becomes Her and the next 2 arches (1-13) are the main story line. From there, several plot (time) lines diverge as follows

      Second Dark Age
      1. You follow BA and her bitches beyond with books 14-21
      2. After BA leaves Earth, something happens and this plot line starts with WWDE (Worlds Worst Day Ever) and continues with the Terry Henry Walton-saga.
      3. Reclaiming honour with Valerie

      Age of Madness
      1. You follow BA and her bitches beyond with books 14-21
      Not yet published

      Age of Magic
      1. You follow BA and her bitches beyond with books 14-21
      2. Hannah starts with Rise of magic
      3. Feisty druid
      4. Hidden magic
      5. Storm magic

      Age of Expansion
      1. BA continues in Payback is a Bitch
      2. Bad Company
      3. Valerie Elites

      Sometimes after the start of Age of Expansion
      4. Ghost Squadron
      5. Uprise saga
      6. Ascension myth

      In short, while BA and bitches have fun other places, Second Dark Ages, Age of Madness and Age of Magic takes place, before BA returns to earth. After BA and the other one meets, the Age of Expansion “starts” with Gateway, Bad Company, Valerie Elites etc.

      • This Timeline is wrong. When BA comes back to Earth for Michael there is no “magic” on Earth. The nanites have not branched off from the ones that make Vampires and Wares so this timeline is screwy.

  • Iโ€™ve been reading a while and have many of the books on my iPad and iPhone in Kindle. If there were a way to automatically check the circles on this page based on my Kindle, that would beAWESOME. ๐Ÿ‘ That would really help me see what to read next. Great work so far!!!

  • I’ve found this timeline very useful for trying to keep the various books in the main timeline in sequence… hen reading through for the first time, reading the Frank Kurns Stories, Trials and Tribulations, Etheric Academy, Etheric Recruit, etc in the proper timeline sequence really helps with the continuity. A lot of the action that takes place in those side stories really feels like an integral part of the story as a whole, so reading them in chronologically correct order help things unfold more smoothly and reinforces the overall story much better.

    I only recently (around Oct/Nov of 2017) discovered This universe of books… and I am very much enjoying all of them. I am continueally impressed by all of the various authors involved. So far I have made my way about a quarter of the way through the third arc. (in between keeping up with about a dozen other series that I am reading) This timeline has helped figure out where to pull in the various side arcs into the main series.

    I have noticed one possible minor correction. The 4th book in the Boris Chronicles should probably be a bit further down in the actual timeline as it takes place about 50years after BA’s departure from Earth but the timeline currently positions it right before that takes place.

    It would also be nice if the scrolling was improved a bit. Right now to scroll sideways you have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the image (which is a fixed size even if you hide all the sections) If the timeline resized vertically with the hide/expand of those it would improve the situation. The background image is so much longer vertically than the whole table even with them all expanded, that side scrolling is a little more difficult in the browser. Alternatively, having the sideways scroll bard at both the top and bottom of the image may help as well.

    Otherwise keep up the good work.

  • Is there a wiki for this series? Currently up to book at in the Kurtherian Gambit series. Was starting to wonder about Michael’s brother Barnabas and was wanting to have a sneak peak ahead.

  • I just finished reading book 3 in The Boris Chronicles and started book 4. Is this book supposed to be read now, as in before I read My Rides a Bitch, or sometime later?
    The reason I ask is that at the very beginning Olaf is spoken of, and also several other children of Boris, as being well along in age which would be years after Boris book 3.
    I immediately stopped reading it and went to My Rides a Bitch.
    So where does book 4 supposed to go? I don’t want to read it out of timeline context, if that is a proper term.

  • Great timelines and I love the clickable feature to remember which I’ve bought!
    Could you possibly widen the field so that you don’t have to scroll left or right to see all of the book groups since they extend way beyond the “Age of” heading banners?
    Thanks again for the great feature & all your hard work!

  • It would be nice to be able to tell without following the amazon link if a book is available in audio book format. Perhaps a new Identifier to the right of the book name.

  • I love this timeline! Thank you for creating it.
    Have to say…. I feel so good knowing I still have a nice big pile of books to power through over the coming months! LOVING all these books!!!!

  • I assume that THIS timeline is an updated version of this one: https://www.alltimelines.com/kurtherian/
    I also see the order of several of the books is not the same as the link I provided. I know that Michael
    has put out his version, which shows the 150 year period. Then the 300 year period, etc. I used to have
    that link, but I can’t find it now. Anyone know where that link is? Thanks.

  • Would it be possible to allow people to create an account so that we can track which books weโ€™ve read? There are so many threads itโ€™s hard to keep track of.

  • Wow. I just started to read this series about 6 days ago and i am already at book 11(haven’t started 11 but will in about 25mins from now) and some of the frank short stories (the 1st 2 books) and i have to tell you after tracking down a time line i am feeling a bit overwhelmed! but i am so thank full to all of you for this site and your comments. it has really helped me out in understanding this amazing universe. i cant wait to read more and to continue to follow with you guys here. and i 2nd the request to be able to create accounts ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This is GREAT, are you guys planning on keeping this up to date, missing books 10 & 11 from “Terry Henry Walton Chron.”???? and that’s just the first I’ve noticed, probably more that need to be updated. CAN’T mark them read if their not there. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello. Something happened to the timeline and it is all out of wack. Nothing is lining up correctly. ๐Ÿ™
    I am hoping you can get this taken care of. I am reading the books for the first time and I like to read them in order. I have been enjoying them. It has been a while since a series of books have grabbed my imagination.

  • oh oh, the clickable timeline is not showing. I get a placeholder halfway down the huge blank area sayin “www.kurtheriangambit.com took too long to respond”.

  • Love this. Really helped me get back on track after a period offline.
    A couple circle/toggle errors for the bug list (iPhone se safari):
    Shades of glory circle toggles shades of dark circle fill.
    Also dawn of destiny canโ€™t be toggled to read.

  • Does anyone know which book has Tabithas neice nickie in it .She is mentioned in the endgame book and I dont remember reading about her so i’d like find out why she was expelled by BA for seven years to the frontier.

  • I want to tell you how wonderful this timeline is, but there aren’t enough words to do it. Thank you for all your hard work, it’s really appreciated.

  • Just as a nice addon, can you make a book count somewhere of the books in the setting?

    I started to count the books, and lost track more then once. >.>