Author - Lee Barbant

L. E. Barbant is a sometimes Professor trying to cut it as a science fiction and fantasy author. A fan of classics—new and old—Lee tries to write books that take an honest look at the world and then say screw it, let’s find a better one. Because who wouldn’t want to live in a world where superheroes were real?

When he’s not reading, writing, or binge-watching 90s era cartoons, he debates grammar rules with his wife (he mostly loses those fights), plays board games with his friends (he often wins those fights), and contemplates the meaning of life with his cat named Cat (which is never a fight at all since Cat is a pacifist). Lee also co-hosts the Part-Time Writers Podcast with his friend and writing partner C.M. Raymond.

He currently resides outside of Pittsburgh and plans to stay there as long as the great city will put up with him.

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