ITS HELL TO CHOOSE Snippet 06 of …

University just outside of Philadelphia, Pa

TKG09 ITS HELL TO CHOSE“I’m telling you, James; this shit is getting real!”  Nick looked at his computer screen scrolling through the messages in the chat room.  “TxSatan99 is saying that he knows of three verified takedowns in France outside of Paris.  One of the guys over there says he got the news that it was confirmed by one of the police he knows that MyNam3isADAM started printing shit out on the cops printer!”

Nick looked up over his laptop screen at his friend who was staring at his laptop screen, “God, can you imagine?  This guy not only finds the dirt, but he also hacked the cops own network to print the proof.”

He shook his head and looked back down, “Woo!  Satan says there is a reward for anyone who can figure out who MyNam3isADAM is by those he is shooting down.  The reward just got moved up to 30 bitcoin.”a

“Shit,” James replied, “That’s only like fifteen thousand right now.  There’s no way I’d turn in ADAM for any money.  Besides, what kind of name is ‘Satan’ anyway?”

Nick shrugged, “I asked him, and he said Texas is hot as hell in the summer, so it seemed appropriate.”  Nick kept reading the messages, “I’m not saying I want him caught.  I’m saying that there is a bounty on him.”

Nick looked up from his screen and reached over to snap his fingers in front of his friend’s face.  James looked up annoyed, “What the hell?”

“Do you think he wants help?” Nick asked.

“Who?” James replied.

“Adam!” He pointed to his screen, “This is bullshit.”

James scrunched up his face, “What the hell are you talking about?  Is this another drop the shit on me and then run around the block thing for you?”

“No.  Look, that was back in high-school you should let it go, I did,”  Nick said.

James leaned back in his chair, “That’s because you weren’t left holding the evidence when the cops came up.  You know how hard it was to explain all of our computer equipment wasn’t hacking stuff?”

Nick grinned, “Yes, you have given me the play-by-play at least forty-two times in the last four years.” He spread his arms, “Besides, you got out of it!  I would have been stuttering and been busted.”

“You shouldn’t have been trying to co-opt the schools wireless to change your fucking grades.”

“Whatever.  So, answer my question.”

James gawked at his friend, “You want to know if one of the preeminent hackers on the planet right now who has a price on his head wants you to help him?”

“Well, say it that way and it seems a little far-fetched.”  Nick turned back to his screen, “Fuck it.”

“Wait, what ‘fuck it’?”  James began to get worried as Nick continued typing and didn’t answer him.  He stood up and walked around the little card table in the dorm room they shared to look over his friend’s shoulder.

“Oh, that ‘fuck it,’” He responded.

TQB Base – Colorado, USA

>> Bethany Anne?<<


Bethany Anne was grabbing her suit coat and slipping on her Christian Louboutin’s.  John was outside the door to her rooms, and it was approaching the time she needed to get to the meeting with the lawyers.

>>I’ve run across a situation, I wasn’t prepared for.<<

Really?  Like what?

>> My hacker persona is getting requests from people asking if they can help me. <<

Bethany Anne stopped slipping her shoe on. What?

>>I have been receiving more and more requests from people on the dark web to see if they can help me.<<

She finished putting on her shoe and stood up.  She moved around and pushed a chair under a table.  It had a pair of Michael’s pants neatly folded and hanging across the back.  The man was so neat it was like he came from a Neiman Marcus magazine – ‘Perfect Male.  Wise in years, Young Body, Cleans Up After Himself.’

He had left over an hour ago to mind read and give her his impression of the teams when she was about to go into the meeting.

How many?

>> Sixteen at this time.<<

You have sixteen hackers who are seeking you out to see if you need help?

>>Yes.  They want to join in the ADAM Revolution. <<

Wait!  What Revolution?  You and TOM haven’t started anything have you?

>>No.  This was not part of my plan.  I can see where they could be useful as I am dealing with more than I counted on with the stock market efforts. But, I don’t know your expectations and whether having additional help is a good solution.<<

Did you want me to help ADAM start a Revolution?

Hell-to-the-No, TOM! You two did enough with China.  Lord almighty! If it ever came out that an AI and Alien backed dark web-enhanced hacker group was trying to affect society … Oh, I just shudder to think about the P.R. debacle that would be.

Bethany Anne stopped for a moment and added before opening her door, And the crap Cheryl Lynn would give me for releasing you two to do it!

But, it’s OK for just ADAM to play?

Bethany Anne nodded to John and finished her thought.  

I cannot believe I’m saying this, but yes.  ADAM – keep me up to date with what is going on with people, but you can communicate.


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