FK – Bitch’s Night Out Snippet 03 of …

QBS Polarus Bridge

Frank Kurns 02“No, what I am about to tell you, Fred, is based on our relationship going back twenty years.”  Captain Thomas spoke patiently, hoping the Commander of the aircraft carrier strike force twenty miles away would listen. “I’m about to launch six very small craft and they are going to go over your position very fast.  Don’t be alarmed and for God’s sake, don’t try to attack them.”

Captain Thomas walked over and sat down in his chair on the bridge, “Sure, if you want to try an intercept, I’ll even say ‘go’ for you.”  Thomas laughed, “No, it won’t make a difference, Fred.  I’ll tell you what, if you guys want a view, I’ll talk with my boss for a second and confirm she doesn’t have a problem.  I’ll give you five minutes to put your birds in the air and go to thirty thousand feet.  Hold position like they are planning an air raid on ISIS in Iraq.”

Thomas looked over to his operator which held up another line, “Hold one Fred, actually it might be two I’m going to try and get permission.”  He clicked the pause button and held out his hand for the second phone and put it to his ear. “Boss?  Thank you for letting me interrupt.  I would like to allow people I know in the U.S. Navy a chance to witness the Black Eagles flying past a set of F-18’s.  Although, I’d be surprised if they didn’t have at least one E2D Hawkeye up there for radar intercept.”

Thomas listened for a moment, “Ok. Which do you want to do, show we don’t have to be ugly, or show them the ridiculousness of competing?”  Thomas listened again, “Well, they will want the technology no matter which way we do it.  I’m sure France has already provided spec’s on your episode.”  Thomas laughed, “Well, I found it funny as hell, so I’m personally glad you did it.”

“Yes, I would like to give them a chance myself.  I’m guessing they already know or surmise most of the capabilities.  Mmmm, no, I don’t think we’ve ever used the flying interfaces yet with the Black Eagles.  The Guards can certainly think fast enough to make it happen.”  Thomas grunted, “Ok, so I have your permission and you want me to tell John they should ‘have fun’? Ok, I can do that.  Appreciate it ma’am, talk to you later.”

Captain Thomas cancelled the line with Bethany Anne and tossed the phone to his Comms specialist and un-muted the other before putting back to his ear, “Fred?  Yeah, sorry about that.  Ok, I’ve got two doors.  What comes behind the door depends on how well you want to follow directions or we might get door number three and that would really, really be bad for both of us.”

Thomas listened, “Well, you’re the top dog over there, so I’ll give you the scoop and you tell me.  I’ve got six of our men heading out and they have been told to ‘have fun’.  Now, I can get them to come up and ride with you guys and maybe do a couple of things, but they are not in good spirits after some of the bullshit being tossed our way.  If you can have some level headed fighter jocks up top, we have a chance to share some cool shit with permission.  If not?  Well, they aren’t real patient right now and there really isn’t anything on an F-18 that is going to catch them or pull them down.  So, level heads and everyone has a little fun together.  Assholes and it is just a fly by if we are lucky.  Sore losers and we have an international incident that won’t go over very well.”

Thomas listened for a few seconds, “Yes, I know ‘levelheaded fighter jock’ is an oxymoron but there have to be some Goose’s up there, they can’t all be Mavericks.  Mmmhmmm.  Works for me.  If it helps, tell the guys going topside to watch the news for ‘strange’ attacks in Iraq tomorrow morning.  If this goes off well, I’ll share some personal footage we all want to see.  Alright?  That works, bye Fred.”

Thomas handed the second phone to the Comms Specialist as he went to go find John.

To Be Continued…

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