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Over the Pacific Ocean, In the renamed Anti-Grav ship “DMS ArchAngel”

The Captain of the ArchAngel was standing on the deck, looking at the darkness of the clouds that stretched across the horizon, warning him to turn either to the North, or to the South.

If only he could.  He looked over his shoulder and chewed on a piece of wood as he eyed the ship chasing them.

He was tempted to raise the flag of the Duke, but feared more what the master of this ship would do if he found out.

And he would, because of either of the two young adults that were awake at the moment. Especially the young, pretty one coming towards him right now. The Captain sighed, answering this woman was always a challenge. Her mind was like a trap, fast and hard.

“Why aren’t we turning?” She asked and then turned to follow his eyes to the aft of the ship. “Them?”

“Aye.” The Captain agreed. Short answers usually worked best when answering Jacqueline. She wasn’t altogether human either, but her curiosity was exactly like his wife’s.

Jacqueline walked closer to the back of the ship, “There are a bunch of people looking at us, I can’t tell if they are all men or not.”

The Captain took a couple of steps and spit off the side of the ship before returning to stand near the young woman, “Unlikely to be an all male crew. There are many times that evil runs in the hearts of women, as well.”

Jacqueline turned back to regard the Captain, “Pirates?” He nodded his agreement and she pointed behind her towards the other ship, “Why the hell aren’t we waking up Michael?”

The Captain chewed on the wood, biting harder as he jerked a thumb back over his own shoulder at the dark storm clouds on the horizon, “Well, I shouldn’t need to. Perhaps you can explain to me how can can sleep like the dead with that in front of us us? Even I can hear the deep rumble of the thunder, it is like he didn’t have a care in the world … Oh!” The Captain’s eyes opened wide, a touch of fear reflecting back to Jacqueline, “I meant no disrespect.”

Jacqueline waved a hand at the Captain, “I didn’t hear anything.” She told him, “I wouldn’t suggest saying that around him, but I don’t care. I grew up in a different generation.” She looked back at the Captain a question on her face, “So, why aren’t you waking up Michael?”

The Captain blew out a deep breath, “Because I would rather trust we can get through the storm in front of us instead of the Master’s temper should I wake him up from a sleep when he specifically said to not interrupt him.”

“And those guys?” Jacqueline asked, pointing towards the assumed pirates behind them.

“Rarely do they go into the storms, it can be too dangerous for them so we jump into the storm and go just deep enough to get away, then we choose a direction and try to cut back out of the storm.  Worse thing that happens is the Pirates choose to cut in the direction we eventually do as well and we potentially meet up again outside of the storm.”

“What about them coming into the storm, wouldn’t that be a worst case?”

The Captain nodded sharply at Jacqueline as he stepped towards his bridge, “Yes, and let’s hope that doesn’t occur.”


The Anti-grav ship Folly

“My name isn’t Billy the Bold because I shy away from a small bit of rain!” the Captain of the ship The Folly yelled out to his people, those who didn’t need to be at station congregating out on the deck as the Captain pointed ahead of them, “There goes a fat sheep, and it has been far too long since the Folly has tasted mutton!”

One of his ship’s crews called out, “I thought you were called the Bold because you asked Henrick’s wife to screw you right in front of Henrick ‘imself!”

Billy chuckled along with the general laughter of the crew, “My quickly belated best friend didn’t give me a good description for Henrick at the time. So yes,” Billy winked to the group, “that story is true as well.” He twirled his hand in a circle and pointed back again to the ship ahead of them, “But let’s not lose the point I was making, that we have a chance to grab us a sheep today who is thinking the storm will protect it from the wolves of the Folly!”

The new voice yelled out. “I’m tired of stale bread and rainwater and I wouldn’t be surprised if that fat fuck over there has real meat on board. Who’s ready to eat some meat?” he tossed out and there was cheering in the group.

Billy took the crowd back from his shipmate, “Then let’s make way, tighten up everything as let’s be about it, you fools.”

Billy looked over his shoulder, “The Folly is going hunting in the middle of the deep dark tonight!”


>>> FROM MICHAEL – Tonight I go and talk with an Austin Police Department member to do real research.  I don’t think I have EVER setup a meeting to do research with someone like this for a book, yet.

I’m all growing up and shit – it’s pretty humbling.

As I’m working on Michael’s new book (see snippet above) I am working on a few other projects.  I mentioned on Facebook that you, the fans collectively speaking, are helping support (bring income to) something like 8 authors at the moment, 10 artists, probably about the same amount of editors, a layout specialist and 4 audio talent(s).

That’s a lot of people and I can’t begin to explain that for some of them, it is life changing and for a few others, it is life enhancing. What I mean by that, is their opportunity to work with a publishing company (LMBPN… basically me as the rights holder) and then also with me as the Universe owner and the main guy is kinda unique in the Industry with how we break out the income and support.

Not completely unique, as I have to believe it is being done by others (although, I’ve not heard of anyone that was doing it this way before I started) but I’ve shared what we have learned to others who are building their own Universes (or collaborations).

The Indie Publishing group is voracious.  They will find whatever is working, turn on a dime, write that book and get it out there FAST.  It is one of the achilles heels of the Trade Pub (traditional publishing) companies. I imagine traditional publishers could mitigate it but I’m not sure (because of the way paperbacks can be sent back if they don’t sell) they can fix the problem.

I could name a few Indie Writers who have gone the collaboration route and are kicking some ASS (Great for them!) but can I admit I’m a little competitive? I want them to have success, but I am going to be working hard to go after JK Rowling (go for the top, right?) so if they are reaching to go after me they need to light another fire under their ass, because we aren’t 1/2 way done yet with Kurtherian, Baby!  (And it has LOT’S of room to grow!)

Hopefully, the collaborators are learning from those of us who have been successful so they can also take this knowledge to their personal books and series, and please new fans as well.  Sometimes, the authors are just learning a little – sometimes they are having to re-think major aspects of their story telling process.

Anyway, back to why I need to research the Austin Police Department and need an inside guy (or girl – I wasn’t gender picky. But, I happen to know an author whose husband is on the Austin PD force, so it’s ‘guy’ this time.)

The Kurtherian Gambit Universe is growing, and getting bigger.  But, it isn’t the only place I want to play, and frankly a few authors don’t really fit into the TKG Universe. Remember, I’m a Indie Publisher at heart, who writes stories because “I can do that, maybe?” and you fans supported the HELL out of Bethany Anne and myself.

A little aside, I can’t thank you enough for supporting myself and Bethany Anne. A few fans have noticed the Easter egg I provided in the latest timeline (#2) and figured out Bethany Anne isn’t complete at 21… She will have a new series… You read it here (maybe) first… or second if you already know it… possibly third if you saw the comment to the reply on the post…

Fuck it – You read it for the first time in this post for this website LOL.

Anyway, I have a side project Universe (as TKG is my main project for a while) where I delve into something that is… A scratch I have to itch.  I think of myself as a logical person and I love to find explanations for stuff.  But, there is something that just doesn’t add up for me and that has to do with history answers.

(Yes, yes…  Don’t lose me here, I know a LOT of that stuff is so far out there it might as well be it’s own fiction shelf at the local Barnes & Noble.)

Suffice it to say that in my mind, there are truths that we aren’t privy to, and this new universe (and the kick-ass stories within) starts with one question.

… Can You Handle The Truth?

The first books protagonist is a Police Officer for the Austin Police Department and I (as many of you know) am very appreciative of those in uniform. (Unless they are a complete wanker, but I don’t count that as the majority.) So, I’d like to get some input to help make our character, Leira, accurate.

I’m really looking forward to dinner with John, and I have to leave now because dinner is in 50 minutes, I’m in downtown Austin, and the dinner is up in Georgetown.  I’m told it could take an hour, if traffic is bad.  Good thing I ALWAYS OBEY THE TRAFFIC SPEED LIMIT….  <Uhhhh, yeah. I can’t sell that one. But, in my defense, The Author’s wife is WAY worse.)

And YES, I’m going to ask the question, “Do the officers on the Austin Police Department have a favorite donut location?”

Wish me luck, I don’t need to get arrested for being a wanker, myself 😉



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