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Redemption – Snippet 2

Redemption, The Boris Chronicles Book 4

By Paul C. Middleton and Michael Anderle

Snippet 2


Boris raised an eyebrow, then answered in a deceptive calm, “That was a consideration.” When Olaf went to interject Boris raised a hand and continued, “But it was far from the largest one. The largest one was far simpler – we know the other side you could run into has Alien weaponry. Either that or some form of Earth weapon I’ve never heard of. Whomever I would be sending to lead the southern force would be taking a shuttle to counter that. If you keep arguing with me I will send someone else. And the shuttle.”

“Besides, if such weaponry is used, you’ll be in the greatest danger.” Boris continued, pain in his voice. “You’ll have a backup command post, but if there is a weapon that can damage the shuttle, you’ll face the most danger.”

Olaf opened his mouth, then shut it. The stormy expression on his Father’s face told him the line had been drawn. He also hadn’t said the shuttle could only be used for command and control purposes.

It had a very capable sensor suite and had modifications to enable both etheric and radio transmissions.

Beyond that, he could use it to make several trips with extra equipment for the forward base, and scout the areas around the new base being made in the town that had been emptied.

Yes – He could make this work. First, he needed to prevent his father from realizing his plans. Hardening the mulish expression on his face, he turned on his heel and stormed from the room. He heard Boris mutter “I wish he hadn’t inherited his mother’s temper.”

A smile quirked his  face as he thought ‘if only you knew I had some of her talent for deception as well, Father.’ He continued stomping down the hallway so as not to let his father in on that little secret.

Two thoughts remained floating in his head. First, what Father doesn’t know can’t hurt him. Secondly, Actions taken without orders were not actions taken against orders.

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