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Wednesday Terry Henry Walton Short Story

Terry’s Personal Journal – Waiting

   I’m sitting here cooling my heels while Akio is searching for Michael, joining him to clear the riff-raff from the Earth, something that I was supposed to be doing. Then again, from what I heard of Denver, he’s conducting more of a scorched earth kind of thing. I’m not sure I could ever go that far.

     But the Dark Messiah can. I’ll let him take care of that part. Me? I am happy with what we did with what we had.

     It’s been so long, but we have such good people. I think they hold me up as much as I hold them.

     We heard from Sarah Jennifer. She met Michael Nacht. I’m glad I hadn’t heard that until later. She survived the encounter and even earned his respect. I could not be more proud. She said she’s also getting married.

     I’m not sure how I feel about that. It turned out well for Cordelia. Ramses is a good guy, but he didn’t mourn the loss of his parents as I expected. In fact, he never said a word, not at the funeral or afterwards. I need to talk to Cory about that, see if there is anything I can do. He got lost in the shuffle.

     Do for others as you wish they’d do unto you, or something like that.

     Kaeden and Marcie are still torn at the loss of Mary Ellen. William is not doing well either. It rips my heart to see them crushed as they are. It is the tragedy of life as seen through our eyes, the eyes of the seemingly immortal. Mary Ellen and William refused to go into the pod doc and get nanocytes. They wanted to live a natural life.

     I respect their decision, but I don’t have to be happy about it. Kae and Marcie have carried me over the years, giving me reasons to keep trying to do better. Char and I both. We could not be more proud of our kids. I need to tell them that more often.

     I get caught up in stuff, focused on the next mission. In the past one-hundred and fifty years I have learned some patience. I won’t tell Char this, but I can’t wait. We’re going to space!

     I never dreamed of being an astronaut. I like keeping my feet on the ground, but the complexities of space combat! I have zero knowledge of that stuff because there is nothing written on earth that is based on actual experience. I can’t wait! Huzzah!

     Shhh. Don’t tell Char.

     I’ve been making the rounds since I’m here and not in space…

     Kailin is the apple of his mother’s eye. Kimber and Auburn are happy that he was boosted. They won’t have to watch him grow old. Sylvia came by her nanocytes naturally and is helping Kailin with Walton Industries.

     It’s kind of embarrassing that they called it what they did. Sure. I have an ego, but I’d also like to think that I’m more humble than that. At least it isn’t painted on the sides of the dirigibles in letters fifty feet high.

     Ted and Felicity seem to like their new life as patrons of sky travel. They move about the country in luxury with servants and local goods, banquets and parties. Had I lived back then (I’m old, but not that old!), it would remind me of the Great Gatsby era. I would have never thought that Ted would like it, but his engines are making things happen.

     I wonder when they’ll go to Europe? Things are still a little hot out that way. Michael is there, somewhere. Just follow the trail of destruction. I wonder if I’ll get to meet him?

     I’d also love to see those pistols he’s carrying. Jean Dukes specials? Adjustable power with five-thousand rounds? Sumbitch! I gotta get me some of that!

     If he lets me. I wonder what one of those would do to a spaceship? Vacuum has a way of leveling the playing field. All you have to do is make a hole and let space take care of the squishy things inside the ship.

     I can’t wait to go to space! Shit, sorry. Don’t tell Char.

     Where was I? Sylvia. I think she’s going to go her own way. She is a free spirit. Maybe she’ll steal that young man from Portland. Not so young anymore, but the pod doc seems to be back up to speed, although Akio and Yuko aren’t in Japan right now. They are looking for Michael. I expect they’ll find him soon.

I don’t know if Magnus Tolliver would consider getting boosted or not. I’d support it, if that’s what Sylvia wanted.

     All my children and grandchildren are precious to me. I would do anything for them.

     Except their dishes. Where did we go wrong in that we raised kids who will do anything to save the world, but they’re slobs? How could I raise a slob? I’m not. Char’s not, although she does leave her clothes laying around. I can’t complain about that. The hottest woman on the whole planet is in love with me and is perfectly happy to walk around our home naked.

     Baseball. Ice Water. Cricket.

     I miss Gene. He acted like a goof sometimes, well most of the time, but damn, he was such a good guy. We tore him away from his life alone, forced a solitary creature into being a member of the pack. He was always an outsider until Fu came along.

     Fu! She saved him. Thank God she got boosted. And then those kids of theirs. Anastasia is cute as a button, but her strength is in her community of spirit. Her and her mother are bringing peace to a violent world. Gene and Bogdan are pacifying all of the Crimea. From the name, one would think that crime would run rampant, but not with Gene and his family there.

     Criminals be warned. Your days are numbered. Here’s to you my massive Werebear friend! I’d love to clink a glass of beer with you, but you don’t appreciate it like I do. You have a tendency to chug it and then make a face.

     Water for you. I know you don’t want to go to space with us. Hold the fort for when we get back. Do the best you can, and we will see you again.

     Aaron and Yanmei are more open to going. I hope they decide to come. They help bring peace to Char and me. Just like Cory. How did we get blessed with people who are so well grounded?

     And there’s nothing like sparring with a kung-fu Weretiger! They got skillz!

     I like that Kurtz guy. He’s solid. Reminds me of Boris. I miss those guys. All of them, but it is the torment of the immortals. Be careful what you ask for, you may get it.

     I don’t want to die! And Mother Earth replies, “Okay, but you’ll have to watch everyone else die instead.”

     I digress again. You can see what’s on my mind. I think Sue, Timmons, Shonna, and Merrit are ready to go. I wonder about Ted. He would love the challenges of interstellar engineering. What would Felicity do trapped on a spaceship?

     That will be an interesting conversation.

     There’s no way I’m asking those two vixens, Annika and Meta. They are plying the bars as the most popular dancers in all San Francisco. I think they’re trying to single-handedly take on the entire male population of San Francisco. I heard Werewolves had voracious appetites, but these two are wild.

     I’m not sure who else to ask to go. Cory and Ramses aren’t sure, but the other kids are. Kim, Kae, Marcie, and Auburn refuse to be left behind. Auburn is in for a shock, I think.

     No beef in space.

     That sucks for me, too, and Char. I hope they have beer. Or at least cookies. How to make space travel suck most heinously – no cookies. Or beer. Or steak. What are we going to eat? Rehydrated food packs? Soylent Green?

     I guess it doesn’t matter. We’ll eat whatever they offer us, because, SPACE!

     I can’t wait.

     Don’t tell Char.

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