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It took twenty minutes for Ecaterina to give Bethany Anne all of the instructions for little baby Christina.  Bethany Anne was wearing white sweats for a top and red for the bottom and smiling at her friend.  When Ecaterina handed Christina to Bethany Anne, the little girl cried for a second before cuddling in and going back to sleep.

Ecaterina looked down at her daughter and then to Bethany Anne who raised her eyebrows, “What?”  she asked the young mom.

“Nothing, its just,” she looked down at her daughter again, “she hasn’t taken to too many people.  She usually cries for a little while.”

Bethany Anne shrugged, “Maybe she figures I was there when she born, so we have a connection?”

Or, TOM said, you could admit you are using your ability to impress her with calming emotions.

No, shut up TOM.  This is funny as hell.

How can this be funny?  I get that it is a good thing that the baby isn’t crying, but why is that funny?

Because first time Mom’s are always worried about their kids.  They are hyper-worried and will almost use any excuse to cancel their first time away from the child.  Plus, I’ve heard through the grapevine that Ecaterina secretly likes that Christina cries for her each time someone holds her. 

But not you?

Nope, no crying for Auntie Bethany Anne.  The stories about how well she loves me will be epic!

But, you are cheating.

This is no different than a grandmother who knows how to hold a child from having done it so much with her own children.

The grandmother is not cheating, she is using experience, right?

The grandmother is using her skills, and so am I.

Skills, you might admit, that is not so common for anyone else.

Wah! Wait for it..  Bethany Anne told him before she left the conversation.

“Uh,” Ecaterina looked towards Nathan who smiled at her and then back to Bethany Anne and Christina.  “She seems, ok,” her voice faltered.

“Ecaterina, we will be fine,” Bethany Anne told her and rocked the little child slightly and kissed her forehead as she held her, “You guys have a wonderful night, say hi to Ivan for me and let him know that Gabrielle isn’t harboring any ill feelings.”

“You, uh, know about that?” Ecaterina asked her as she tried to figure out if Christina was going to wake up or if she would continue sleeping.  She bent down to kiss her daughter as Bethany Anne held her.  She looked back up, “No Coke in her bottle!”

Bethany Anne smiled, “I know that can’t happen for a few years, I’m not clueless.”

>>Besides, you always just ask me when you have questions.<<

That’s because you are simpler than looking it up or asking someone around here.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a mom to ask and my dad would not be such a good idea.  Patricia doesn’t have any children, so, toughen up ADAM and deal with it. 

Besides, she told the two of her mental compatriots, how hard can this be?

Tears were streaming down Bethany Anne’s face as she tried to hold her breathing to the absolute minimum, “How the hell do these things stink so bad!”  she cried out, holding Christina’s two feet up in the air as she tried to slide the dirty diaper out from underneath her.  “Oh my god TOM, PLEASE shut off my sense of smell.”

I’m sorry, but you told me three weeks ago to reduce helping you out this way for four weeks.  Four weeks isn’t up for another three days.

“But I’m going to suffocate before three hours is up!” Bethany Anne complained as she pushed the dirty diaper to the side and used one hand to open the diaper wipes box. “Who the fuck designs this shit?”

I’m pretty sure most people would say a higher entity.

“Not her shit, I’m talking about these diapers and boxes and oh. my. god. she. is. peeing!”  Bethany Anne switched into Vampiric mode to toss the baby wipes into the air, reach over to grab a fresh diaper and as quickly as possible without moving her other arm, slide the new diaper into position to limit the liquid troubles Christina was causing.  She undid the tape on the diaper and did a quick, if poor, job of locking the new diaper in place before reaching out and catching the box of wipes as it dropped back down.

“Fuck me!”  Bethany Anne said as she realized she needed to change her bedspread, now.

That’s when she forgot about her breathing issues and inhaled deeply in exasperation.

Bethany Anne handed three diapers to her security detail to take out of her suite.  Unfortunately, the residual smell was still affecting her vampiric heightened senses.  Normally, it wouldn’t be this bad, but Bethany Anne had never had to deal with changing a babies diaper since she had been modified in TOM’s spacecraft.  Personally, she had only changed a handful of diapers since she turned eighteen. In one evening, she had almost doubled her diaper changing count.

Christina was sleeping in the middle of her bed.  Bethany Anne had already changed the cover and placed pillows around her in case she, somehow, rolled around.  With her Were parents, Bethany Anne wasn’t going to take any chances on what could or couldn’t happen

Bethany Anne watched the little baby from her couch facing her bed and took the clothes pin she had found in one of Christina’s bags off of her nose.

TOM, if you don’t cut me some slack with my sense of smell, I swear I’ll figure out a way to kick your ass.

Bethany Anne, I’m already cheating and cutting your sense of smell by half.

Your fucking kidding me, right? 

No, I’m sorry, but your system’s reaction to the smell was affecting me, so I cheated.

God, those diapers are radioactive.  Bethany Anne whispered.

 TOM spoke back, in a quiet mental voice, they are hands down the worst things we have ever encountered.

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