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One half day’s march from Shennongjia Peak, Hubei

TKG13 My Ride is a Bitch small tempBai leaned back against a tree, pushing his pack into a small area between the branches, allowing him to take some of the weight off of his back.  Zhu nodded to his friend as he came up.

Bai said, “Any idea if our trackers have any clue where we are going?”

Zhu nodded, “Yes, we were chosen to take the second group.  I listened in on the conversations and it seems that there were some who met this group.  They stopped for a little while and then left.”

“That’s good, right?  That makes them slow down and we won’t have to follow them too far?” Bai asked.

Zhu shook his head, “Bai, they stopped and had a meeting with something that joined them with cat’s tracks our hunter said.  He wasn’t happy about it at all.”

“Why not? We know they can turn into some sort of werecat, what is their problem?  We all have some silver on us.”

“Bai, what do cats do more than most animals,” Zhu looked into the forest, looking up into the limbs in the trees above them.

Bai followed his friends glance and thought about it.  “They hunt.”

Zhu nodded, “They hunt.  And now, they are hunting us with the intellect of a human and a cat.”

“That’s not good,” Bai agreed, trying to peer harder into the foliage above them. “You think they are setting up a trap?”

Zhu looked at his friend, “Jian told Shun and myself to count on it.”

Bai nodded and checked his rifle, making sure his silver rounds were loaded for the fourth time this morning.


“I’m saying,” Gunter ground out, “How do we know she wasn’t lying to us?”

“Do you know where the fuck we are?” Klaus asked, looking into the grayness tracking in every direction, “I can’t see shit.  Neither can either of you.  So, she says she would find us unless we moved.”

“Like I trust that woman with anything!  Have you finally figured out who she is?”

“Yes, I know where I saw her face,” Klaus admitted.

“And?” Gunter pushed.

“She is the head of TQB,” Klaus looked into the distance, but nothing changed for him.  He still couldn’t see anything, like looking through fog on a cold morning.

“What kind of shit does she have if she can send us to some other part of the Earth,” Dieter snapped his fingers, “like that?”

“What makes you think,” Klaus asked, turning to Dieter, “that we are on Earth?”

TQB Base – Colorado, USA

Mason accepted a cup of coffee from Jasmin. She had taken him and his daughter from the room where they had appeared after the gray … place.

Now, he was sitting at a meeting table, with Anne asleep in the chair next to him, her head on his shoulder. Her arms were wrapped around his, making sure he didn’t move while she slept.

He knew his job was super secret, but honestly hadn’t thought it would ever affect his wife or his children.  Now, the reality of how casually he had played with their safety shamed him.  The last week and a half had been a nightmare.

With some of the secret technology he worked on, he had never expected to be so easily awed by the abilities of someone outside the group he worked with.

Mason wished he had some paper, or something to write his thoughts down.  He kept going through the events, trying to sear them into his long term memory.  Maybe one day he would understand the technology she must have used to accomplish the act.

He had let her in the house when the dog had taken off upstairs. He couldn’t let Anne off of her bed, or the bombs would go off. He had run after the dog and stumbled on the steps.  Like he had been pushed aside.


His face tightened up.  Did she run by him that fast?  

He made it up the stairs to see the woman already in the room, speaking in a quick, clipped voice to the dog.  She hadn’t moved Anne yet, but she noticed him running into the room.  She popped him on his forehead, and he remembered gray. Then, she was there with Anne and the dog, “We have to go,” she told him and gave him Anne.  When he took Anne, she grabbed his arm and the dog again.

And then the four of them were in a rock room. “Wait here,” she said in a commanding voice, “someone will come get you.”

Then, gone again.

Where the hell was he supposed to go?  He was still holding Anne tight to his chest, just holding her as she cried, when there was a knock on the door hard enough to get his attention.  He opened the door and a woman brought them to this meeting room and then brought the two of them some breakfast.
Anne fell asleep and here he was, wondering what would happen to Shiela, now.

FROM MICHAEL >>>  DAMN, I should give you an update what is happening, but I could be a little too early.  Suffice to say I’m in Vegas, and not for gambling (although I have won a $100 playing before I got to work this morning…Woohoo Vegas, You’re My Bitch!)  ….

Yeah, probably not for too long.

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