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South of Douglas Mountain, old Colorado (A State in the United States Pre-Apoc)

kindle-the-dark-messiah-book-01-smallJeremiah kicked the horse in the shanks, “Ktch ktch, let’s go Black,” he spoke as he and the horse left the shallow stream and climbed up out of the bed to the rise above

It was just twelve feet up.

It hadn’t been much cover, but it had been enough to hide Jeremiah as he and Black walked down the stream bed, so it had been enough for him.

Five minutes later, he pulled on the reins and put a hand on the horses shoulder, “Still, stay still.” He had finally caught on to why Black had been nervous for the last minute.

He loosened the gun in it’s holster, but he was pretty sure this wasn’t a shooting conversation.  “You know,” he spoke conversationally, throwing his voice out ahead of him, “If you want to talk, let’s talk.  It’s damned hot out here.”

He looked east and could see the east bound Zeppelin rising over the remains of old Denver, heading God knows where and taking God knew who out of these Fallen Lands.

Even a century and a half after the world went to shit, protecting yourself first was the rule of the day. Justice hadn’t made it’s face known again, at least not out here.

Five seconds later, two horses and their riders broke from cover about a hundred feet ahead of him on the trail.

One of the guys, black hair and a scar across his nose, spit out to the side as he and his partner rode towards Jeremiah.

“Plenty close,” Jeremiah commented and the two pulled up ten yards away.  “Can I help you?” he asked, eyeing each one of them.

Scar nose rested both hands on his pommel as he looked around, the sun beating down on all three of them.  He turned back to Jeremiah, “We’ve been told to deliver a message from the Boss, so we are here delivering it.”

Jeremiah nodded for him to continue.  He watched the talking man’s partner, a thin and wiry guy, his eyes darting about the area.  He was the one who would possibly fly off the handle and just start shooting.

“The boss is tired of Sarah Jennifer telling him to take a hike,” Scar nose continued, “So tell her she’s got one week to reconsider either selling, or bedding.  Each day she continues to be obstinate?” he shrugged and spit off to the side again, “Well, the price goes down and the pleasure is decreased.  At some point, even gentleman don’t give a rat’s ass anymore and the Boss will stop trying to be civil in this uncivilized land.”

Jeremiah nodded his understanding.

The two turned, with Scar-nose turning over his shoulder to give a parting shot, “You might mention to the other guys she got helping her on her land, those that don’t fire on us?  We won’t fire upon.”

This time, it was Jeremiah’s turn to make a face of disgust and spit off into the weeds.

Sarah Jennifer had fourteen hands helping her with the land.  There were only three others, including himself, he was positive would be willing to shoot back in her defense.

Jack “the Boss” Childers had thirty-two.

Even with Sarah Jennifer’s mercenary skills and weapons from her time before, that still left them outgunned at least two to one, and that was the best case.

“Ktch Ktch,” he called to Black, pulling on the reins to go to their right, “Let’s get home, I’ve got to report back to the Lady.”

The two started moving off into the shrubs.

He ducked under a tree limb, “Cause shit just got too damned real,” he murmured.


FROM MICHAEL >>>  I’m going to continue with the theme “Shit just got real!”  I’ve been talking about doing more collaborations for a few months with other authors, and now it is starting to come together.   I put this up on FB – But I’ll duplicate it here for the Awesome Amazon Forum readers:

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This above WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE without your support and enjoyment of the books.  I hope we do you proud!



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