THE DARK MESSIAH – Snippet 04 of …

South of Douglas Mountain, old Colorado (United States Pre-Apoc)

kindle-the-dark-messiah-book-01-smallJeremiah rode into the main yard about two hours before sunset.  He pulled the saddle and rubbed down Black.  Giving him some food, he stalled his horse after giving him a carrot.

He nodded towards Jake, one of the men who, in his opinion, was a question mark and headed towards the back of the house.

Towards the office.

Sarah Jennifer wasn’t some old maid willing to take in just anyone.  No, she was an ex-tactical member of the FDG – the Force de Guerre.  She had suffered some neurological damage during an operation, and they couldn’t get her back into prime reaction speed again.  She wasn’t willing to be dead weight and refused to take an office job.

It just reminded her too much of what she couldn’t do, anymore.

Jeremiah arrived at the back and pulled the string which rang a bell inside her office.  Soon enough, her voice came out of a tube next to the door.  “You got my attention, who is this and what do you need?”

He was pretty sure she knew exactly who was standing here, but her ability to keep secrets was legendary, and no one knew exactly how much tactical weapons she had from her days being a merc.

He grinned for anyone who might see, “It’s Jeremiah, SJ.”  He lowered his voice, “I got a visit from TB’s goons to relay to you.”

Her voice, confused came back through the tube, “TB?…Oh, that jackass.”  Jeremiah could almost picture her blue eyes rolling under her blond hair, “Come in, let’s discuss scuzzbucket’s latest threat.”  With a clunk, the door unlocked, and Jeremiah pulled open the door and walked in, the door closing and a small bar locking behind him, it’s weight taking care to lock it after it closed.

The hallway was only ten foot long with a door at the other end which would open into the house proper.  He took two steps and turned right.  Inside the room, about twenty feet long and fifteen wide was a small round table to his right with three chairs for meetings.  Sarah Jennifer, a pencil in her right-hand tap tap tapping the desk she was behind when he walked in.

She noticed his sand and sweat covered body and got to the point, “Ok, what’s bull-shittiest-Maximus want this time?”

“Your ass, or your land, probably both,” Jeremiah told her.  He grabbed one of the two chairs in front of her desk and pulled it back to sit down, “Sucks to be you?”

She snorted, “I understand it used to be that women wanted men to appreciate them for their intellect, not their tits.  Now, my intellect is third string behind my land.”

Jeremiah kept his mouth shut.

The tap tap tap of the pencil continued, “That’s not all, is it?” She asked him, watching his fidgeting hands. “You got something you don’t like admitting.  What’s asshat Maximus got planned now?”

Jeremiah looked up and then back to Sarah Jennifer, “The two heavies told me you got a little time to make a decision, one week.  You either decide to marry him, or sell to him.  If you go past that, then he reduces what he is willing to buy it from you and the insinuation is it won’t be a wedding bed at the end of the deal, but there will be a physical consummation.”  Jeremiah looked pissed he even had to pass on such a despicable threat.

Sarah Jennifer’s eyes narrowed, “So, sell or rape?”  Jeremiah returned her gaze and nodded his head in agreement, “Well, at least the disgusting pig is finally showing his true colors.”  She blew out a breath.  “He’s got about thirty in his group?”

“Last I heard, it was thirty-two.  But, if he decides that isn’t enough he could get some cheap hands willing to pull a trigger and maybe get ten more from closer to old Denver if he decides it’s going to be a pain in the ass to root us out.  However,” Jeremiah turned to look out through her wall in the direction of the hands sleeping quarters, “I can’t promise you more than three for damned sure, and five if I’m giving a couple the benefit of the doubt.”

Her lips compressed and she followed his gaze where it lead.

Out to the building where her hands slept at night.


So, I really need to get some writing done and I can’t do that if I’m writing this…So, since I JUST put up another snippet today (and wrote a good amount – If you haven’t seen it, you should TOTALLY go read the first snippet of The Etheric Academy – Alpha with TS Paul (Bethany Anne is in the opening scene…and Marcus 😉

So, I’m going to pimp Martha Carr again for those who haven’t seen the previous pimp earlier today (it is below, check it out!)

It has EVERYTHING to do with how awesome Martha is, and very, very little lot do with how much I need to write on Michael’s story 😉



Now, for a very tiny story (not because I couldn’t write more, but because I have to eat and get back here before Cox Cable shows up).

Martha Carr is an amazing person.  I don’t want to ruin the enjoyment of learning her story (which you get to do as you read her books) but also, she is just so damned Zen.  Like..I don’t know how to explain…a Mary Poppins for the 21st century?

No…probably not.  She likes killing people too much in her stories.  You see, she writes Thrillers and Conspiracy stuff.  I would say “she grew up on it” but, for her, it’s the truth.

You know what makes her stuff scarier?  The more you know about her background, the more it makes you wonder if the book is a story, or is it a carefully covered up truth she is trying to get us to understand.

Without upsetting the powers that be in Washington.

Check out her first in the Wallis Jones Series, and get ready for #2 due out this week…And #3 in two more weeks…  They are all hitting hard, fast and continuously.

I’m a personal fan of Martha, and want her success more than I want my own.  If you happen to enjoy this genre, check it out and let me know what you think, ok?  If you like it enough to drop a review – please do so.  Mind you, every freaking time you leave one…She will probably ping my ass on Facebook and let me know about it!  So, the more she pings, the more I’ll probably have to stay writing in Scrivener and get the Michael Book done.


Love you all! – Michael


The List Conspiracy (Wallis Jones Series 2016)


What would you do if you found out your child was involved in a shadow government conspiracy…that they can’t get out of?

Perhaps, just perhaps, you might know Wallis Jones.

If you don’t?

Then pray.

When you find out your entire life is the conspiracy…

When a stranger arrives in Wallis Jones’s driveway she learns of a daring enlistment strategy known as the Butterfly Project. With two secret factions secretly battling for control and actively recruiting new members at a young age families find out too late, there’s no out clause.

Caught in the crosshairs of two warring shadow governments, Wallis realizes she must uncover the hidden meaning behind the names on the list the stranger provided.

Can Wallis find a way to uncover the truth and expose the real powers before more lives are lost? Or will she lose the one case that matters most?

Follow Wallis Jones in Martha Carr’s intriguing new political thriller, The List Conspiracy – the first book in the Wallis Jones series!

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