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Rogue Mage Cover Reveal and New Author Introduction!

Rogue Mage, Path of Heroes Book One

By Bradon Barr and Michael Anderle

Meet BRANDON BARR, author of the forthcoming Age of Magic book, Rogue Mage (Path of Heroes Book 1)

Hi TKG fans!

After hiding in the shadows, it’s time to introduce myself! I’m Brandon Barr, one of Michael Anderle’s coauthors working in the Age of Magic <big cheesy grin>. I’ve got a story to tell you…

So back in March I was enjoying a nice, all-expenses-paid retreat at City of Hope Medical Center. Round-the-clock room service, bedside attendants, intravenous fluids run right into my veins so I could just lay back and relax and watch TV as my brother’s stem cells worked their magic on my evil leukemic ones. Life was good! And then…it got better!!

I got a phone call from Michael and he was like, “I’ve read your books, they’re good. Wanna coauthor a book with me?”

Immediately I reached out to clutch the bedrail, then replied in the steadiest voice I could manage, “I’d be-be-be honored…Yes!”

And that’s how I’m here today, cancer free, and releasing my first book with the unstoppable Michael Anderle <more relaxed grin>.

Tomorrow I’ll be giving you my first SNIPPET of Rogue Mage, and I have to tell you a secret–in my book, there is a HUGE connection to another TKG character (that’s not BA)!

Can anyone guess who it is?

About the author

Brandon Barr

Brandon Barr's first works of fiction were sci-fi and fantasy monster stories involving his fifth grade classmates, many of whom suffered grisly deaths in the tentacled grips of this or that beastly creature. Although Brandon has grown up a bit since those prepubescent days, his love for heart-pounding action, high stakes drama and a fast moving plot are what wakes him in the wee hours of the morn to sip his hot cup of caffeinated goodness and write stories that makes his fans (like his 5th grade friends) shout for more.

He is the author of a dozen science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories. When not writing, Brandon is competing for Dad of the Year Award and giving his three wild boys all he's got. His author heroes are Michael Crichton, Orson Scott Card, and Ray Bradbury.