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TKG10 Release The Dogs of War2“The Sith have nothing on us.”  Damon mused.

“Fucking pussies, those two.”  Johann agreed as he switched voices to mimic an old person, “Always two, there must be. A master and an apprentice.”  He switched back to his voice, “now that we have you in the right place in the FBI, we can start our efforts to figure out the blackmail material on those above you.  If that shithead Sean Truitt hadn’t gotten himself killed, I would have had enough to own his fucking ass.”

Johann allowed himself a moment to feel the frustration of that situation.  He had been so close when that ass had allowed his plane to bring in that backpack nuke.  Then, he got back on track, “How is blaming the explosion on TATP going?”

There was a small knock on the door with a female’s voice, “Food sirs.”

Johann reached over to push the button that released the magnetic lock on the door and it opened to reveal an attractive brunette in a red and white blouse and black mini-skirt bringing in a cart.  It took only a moment for her to refresh the drinks, the bread and lay out the food before retreating.

Damon picked up their conversation, “Really well.  We were able to blame the size of the explosion and the plume on the walls in the canyon.  Since the canyon layout did screw up the typical explosion and the explosion was so small, it wasn’t a big deal.  We still have it completely blocked off as domestic terrorism against TQB.  We are all ‘poor bastards’ about someone attacking such a valuable company, and how powerful but hard to handle TATP is.  They had a lot, but there is a reason the terrorists nickname it ‘the mother of Satan’ and it got away from them to blow close to the base.”

“You would think the Chinese or Russians would mention something,”  Johann mused.

“I thought you guys might be involved in that?” Damon asked as he started on his second manicotti.

“Not us, I think someone in one of the black organizations might be doing something.  Keeping the information we had a even such a tiny nuke explode inside the U.S. out of the regular news.  That shit would scare the sheep all over the place.”  Johann answered.

“Well, somebody is putting a hard lock on the news.  Fucking people in Denver would shit a brick if they knew anything ’nuke’ went off, no matter how small it was.” Damon said.

“Probably,” Johann agreed.  “We are already having to deal with the whole sympathy problems with TQB being attacked by domestic terrorists using the TATP.  If I can, I’m going to switch that to some new technology they have actually exploded, but I’ll let this die down, first.  So, since the terrorists blew themselves up, the worst we feared didn’t come to pass.”

“What happened to the merc bodies?”  Damon asked.

“Mostly all gone.  What wasn’t blown up was spirited away before any first responders arrived as near as we can tell.  I’m not sure why TQB doesn’t want stuff known, but they only left a handful of bodies shot outside to discuss with the police.  It could be because their weapons made fucking hamburger of some of those guys.  Plus, we heard something about a ‘bear’ at the very end.  I’m sure Stephanie Lee isn’t sharing everything, but Phillip down in South America had extra stuff, and he picked most of it up.”

Johann looked up from eating and used his fork to point, “I can tell you one thing, those signs that talk about wolves that the newscasters mentioned are right.  There were certainly attacking wolves, and we have no idea what the fuck happened there before we lost communications.”

Johann went back to eating, “The weirdest fucking shit is on those recordings.”  He muttered.

Half to Damon, half to himself.




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