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PLA Headquarters

The Chairman looked to his two General’s and nodded before sitting down at the long table. The meeting room, secured from all listening devices, consisted of the table, ten chairs and a small cupboard for refreshments. The three men opened their notebooks to go over the findings from the last three weeks of effort after their recent, they decided to call it a disagreement, with the company TQB.

General Tsang, responsible for the multiple teams reviewing the destruction and deaths across their country started the meeting, “The destruction in the Kunlun Shan Mountains is impressive. Our scientists have calculated the obliteration was, truly, from kinetic strikes. The video our camera person took correlated to the damage. But, at this time, the scientists are still arguing on how the objects could have been accelerated to the speeds necessary to accomplish the destruction.” The General took a sip of his tea. “Suffice to say, we cannot duplicate the effort.”

General Li, responsible for the forensics related to the digital attacks snorted at General Tsang’s last comment and received a dark look from the Chairman. All three men were more relaxed in this setting than they would have been in a proper meeting.

General Tsang continued, “The scientists do believe that the same type of weapon was used at our covert ops base to pound open the door. Considering the power displayed at Kunlun Shan, there is no engineering effort we can accomplish for viable protection at this time.”

“When,” The Chairman interrupted, “is the expected time that we can defend against this kinetic weapon?”

Tsang shrugged his shoulders, “When we figure out their anti-gravity abilities, it is postulated we will have the ability to build a repelling field that will at least minimize the damage considerably.”

“So,” The Chairman continued, “there is no place which is truly safe from their attacks?” Tsang shook his head, “When the Avatar was displayed in our bunker, they could have demolished us at that time?”

“Yes,” Tsang admitted, “that they did not was a strategic decision, not due to a limitation of their ability should they have decided to hit us.”

The Chairman reached up to his face and took off a pair of reading glasses, something he had needed to start wearing when reviewing paperwork and scratched his nose before placing the glasses back on. “Ok, Li?”

The other General replied, “The covert ops base had no survivors. The men, all of them, fought. We have blood samples from many of the battles, and we have some highly suspect forensics,” he added a moment later, “highly suspect.”

“For example?” The Chairman inquired.

“We have hair from at least two types of wolves, perhaps three. We have structural damage on doors inside the base that seem to be organic in nature.  These damages occurred before a massive retaliatory gun strike from our men peppered the door in response. The men were trained to think rationally in any situation, and it is obvious that is exactly what didn’t happen on multiple occasions. We have men shot, stabbed, necks bitten out by animals and bodies ripped apart by something massive. We have a couple of places where we have what look like nail scratches from something that must have weighed hundreds of pounds and stood a minimum of seven feet tall I’m told.”

“Are you suggesting,” The Chairman asked, his voice neutral, “That we have been attacked by monsters?”

Li shrugged his shoulders, “That is what the evidence at the base suggests. Something was able to get through the training the men had. The psychologists admit that if they were subjected to something very primal, it could accomplish causing the men to react instead of how they were trained.”

Li paused to allow an interruption. When none came, he continued, “Further, when our group investigated the escape of General Sun, we found additional hair evidence at both the location of his abduction and later inside the discarded plane.”

“Why would TQB want General Sun?” The Chairman asked, confused.

“Sir, I apologize, I have not been very clear,” Li responded, “We do not believe TQB was involved with General Sun.” The General looked across the table to his counterpart in the investigations and to the Chairman before continuing.

He cleared his throat and replied, “Sir, we have two groups.”

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