DON’T CROSS THIS LINE – Snippet 01 of …

Meeting room on board QBS ArchAngel

TKG 14“Fuck them…” she whispered into the silence.

The men and women in the QBS ArchAngel didn’t breathe, didn’t flinch.

Their Queen was speaking.

Bethany Anne turned towards her people.  She had been gazing at the large screen showing Earth, hanging in the expanse of space beneath them.  Her eyes glowed red, her lips compressed.  Her eyes narrowed, “They have attacked us for three solid years.  They have hunted people only tangentially connected to me through companies I no longer own.”  She looked around at the faces of those watching her. “They have attacked some of your families, and I have tried to be understanding, to offer the other cheek.”

Bethany Anne twisted her head left, then right. The sound of her bones popping loud in the room’s silence both times.

She continued, “We have taken care of terrorist issues and saved people and countries from the evil men and women in the night, never looking for accolades, support or even a fucking thank you.”  Her voice turned to ice, cutting through the room.  “They keep pushing and pushing and pushing.” She paused a moment and exhaled, “I tried civil.”  Her eyes flashed red as she whispered, “No … More…”

“ADAM!”  Bethany Anne’s voice cracked out the command.

“Yes?” his voice came through the large room’s speakers.

Bethany Anne eyes looked up slightly, “Push the command out to my people. We aren’t taking any more shit from those on Earth.  The Etheric Empire has officially had fucking enough, thank you very much.”

Bethany Anne nodded sharply and started walking crisply towards the rooms exit, “Admiral Thomas?”  She called out, his reply immediate.  She continued, “Make sure the Captains of the fleet know that weapons are hot.  I’m not taking another bullshit move like they just pulled.  Any country tries that again, and I want them to level something important, got that?”

“Yes, ma’am.”  Admiral Thomas called back as she exited the room.

Admiral Thomas’s left hand clicked a button on his lapel as he started walking towards the door, “This is Admiral Thomas to all Captain’s. Weapons are hot, I repeat…weapons are hot.”

The men and women in the room filed out behind their Queen.

She had tried to take into account what drove those on Earth. But no one understood all of Bethany Anne’s actions to the attacks against her and her people had been substantially restrained.

Now, the gloves were coming off…

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Michael Anderle (ok, weird talking about myself in the 3rd person) (1967-Hopefully a long time from NOW) was born in Houston, Tx. A very curious child, he got into trouble - a lot. What to do with an inquisitive mind when he was grounded? Read!

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