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New York City, NY – USA

TKG 14Tabitha ended up in a smaller enclave where three buildings came together, giving her about a twenty by thirty foot area to play in.  All of the doors had rusted metal bars over them, and there was one which had an old light that was trying its damnedest to shine through the pollution covering it. She turned around as the five guys entered the alley entrance and slowed.

How typical.  Slow down and enhance the terror for the woman so they could feed on it.

There was a trash dumpster on her right by a door that smelled like they made Chinese food. She eyed the men and walked towards the dumpster. With the screech of metal on concrete she pulled the dumpster away from the wall. This would ensure the lid, as she flipped it up, would stay open.

She walked back towards the center and lifted an eyebrow.  A couple of the young toughs seemed to be looking sideways at their friends, but no one wanted to admit the little display of strength startled them.

“Gentleman,” Tabitha stated as they fanned out a little where the alley opened up into the closed in space, “and by gentleman, I mean assholes …” she was interrupted from additional comments.

“Now, that isn’t the proper way to respect the men around you,” the first tough said. He had on a jean jacket with a black sweatshirt underneath.  His accent sounded maybe first or second generation American to her.

“What isn’t proper is that outfit! Didn’t your mother teach you how to dress?”  Tabitha asked, hand on hip as she nodded towards his clothes.

A couple of the guys with him started grumbling, and the main guy in the center put his hands out, pushing down as if he was calming them down, “Now, that isn’t a way to get out of this situation safely.” Head jerk replied, “Nor is talking about my mother.”

“I didn’t talk about her. I asked her son if she taught you how to dress. If she did, and this is what you are dressing in, then you either ignored her, or you are as dumb as a rock. No one,” Tabitha acted like she was looking down at him, “Wears a white t-shirt with a black sweatshirt and an old jean jacket. Shit, didn’t those things go out of style last century?”

“Not where it matters, muffin,” he replied, raising an eyebrow to her.

“You got nothing to make a muffin rise, asshat. Jean jackets are appropriate in the South…and maybe still with metalheads. You are here in New York in the fucking winter cold.  I doubt one girl gives you a second look,” Tabitha replied and looked up the walls on both sides.

“You are about to give me a second and third look with a little …what are you doing?” He looked up the walls, both sides, before coming back to rest on her, smiling, “Oh, now you figure it out?  Now you figure out you have nowhere to run?”

Tabitha turned around and continued looking at the two windows she found behind her, confirming that no one was at either one.  She spoke, but the guys could hear her just fine as she turned back around to them. “I’m just making sure we don’t have any witnesses, Ace.”  Tabitha replied as she looked at him, “The ass kicking I’m going to give you five is only going to give me a few hours of satisfaction.  But, it’s the best I have on offer at the moment so, what’s it going to be?  Are you all lips and no solution?”  She punctuated her comment with a pelvic thrust, “Hmm?”

“Johnnie,” the guy on her left whispered, “C’mon, this isn’t right.”

“Don’t be a pushover, Sebastian,” Johnnie retorted, “she’s as much as dared us to kick her ass. Trust me,” he took a couple of steps forward and made smooching noises towards Tabitha, “When I get done with her ass, she won’t be able to sit down for a week.”

When he finished his statement, he popped his pelvis out towards Tabitha to the catcalls from the guys behind him as they started following.

Sebastian sighed heavily. His cousin was impetuous and foolhardy. His momma said one day he was going to get Sebastian in trouble.

He prayed it wasn’t this evening as he started following the other four, noticing something that concerned him.

Did her eyes just flash red?


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