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New York City, NY – USA

TKG 14Tabitha scrunched her shoulders down in her coat.  She didn’t need it for warmth, but rather to cover up the weapons and Bat-shit she had secreted around her body.

She could just kill Bobcat and William.  Those mother-fuckers stole into the Tonto’s rooms and drank beer and watched Batman starring Michael Keaton. Then they followed it up with the Christian Bale version and got to talking about all of the wonderful toys Batman had.

Then, they damn near whispered how Tabitha’s little toys and Batman’s toys were kind of the same, weren’t they?  So now, Tabitha had Bat-toys.  Even Jean Dukes would ask her about her toys when she went to ask about another weapon or weapon idea.

She was so going to grab them by the balls and lift them into the air as they sang like the sopranos they needed to be.  Didn’t they realize this Bat-toy shit was going to last for decades?

God, Vampires didn’t forget anything.  It’s like they savored every little fucking joke FOREVER.

Her watch thumped against her wrist, so Tabitha took a left down a small street that looked like it cut across to the hotel she and the team were staying.  It was getting dark sooner now, and the chill autumn winds were cutting through the street.

If Bethany Anne didn’t need Bobcat and William so bad, she would…

“Ay mamí tù tan caliente!”  a man called from in front of her followed by a couple of hoots. Tabitha focused ahead instead of on her feet, fuming at those two malcontents and could see five guys coming at her from the street’s intersection ahead.  She rolled her eyes. She didn’t have time for this shit, but she sure felt a need to do it anyway.  She looked around and smiled. Across the street was a dark, dank and smelly alley.


She couldn’t do anything to Bobcat and William at the moment (whether they had intended to cause her trouble or not) but these assholes seemed like a pleasant diversion.

“Kiss my sweet ass, you gringo pieces of shit!”  She called out and hurriedly crossed the street, making sure to look like she was trying to get away from the guys.  She smiled when she heard the mutterings and exclamations from behind her and their quick footsteps in her direction.  She didn’t hide her accent, which only made them angrier.

Sometimes, being a Queen’s Ranger, with the duties it entailed, was a real pleasure.

Schwabenland, Antarctica

Dr. Abesimmons shivered despite his long johns and coat. Having to ride on a conventional airplane down to Antarctica was a price he was willing to endure if he got a chance to speak with Maria Orsitsch.

It had taken him more than a week and a half to think how to persuade both Eva and Patrick that they needed to take this chance to learn more from the Thule group.  Since they had been found again, the Thule group had been mostly silent when speaking with the world at large and now the opportunity to see if they knew more than they had divulged so far was a golden chance.

A golden chance they needed to take advantage of.

Abesimmons was shocked when they both accepted his argument the first time.  He wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth and try to figure out why as he went and packed his bags.

Abesimmons looked out the window as the plane turned to start their landing.  There were four of those damned TQB one-person patrol planes stationed in the air that he could see.  One country made the mistake of believing TQB wouldn’t fire on unexpected guests and learned they were right.

But, the Thule group had no compunctions about shooting down the craft, and they did.  Seven people died on that plane and the message coming out of Schwabenland was ‘When we say no, we mean no.’

Message received.

Now, a few invitations had gone out to a few countries, offering to speak with their representatives to see if Schwabenland would like to join with any of those countries.

This, of course, caused an uproar in the UN. That circus was getting worse and worse.  Even Patrick had to admit Schwabenland joining another country was probably going to cause a major problem in the UN.

Not his problem.

The plane hit the ice with only a little swaying back and forth as the pilot got the plane under control. Abesimmons could feel the landing was going to be safe and he let out his breath.

The tension he had felt in the pit of his stomach let up, just a little.

Abesimmons was one of twelve delegates from the United States. None on the plane knew him, so all on the plane figured he had been secluded away in some government program or another and they were right, to a point.

He was here to see if he could find the information that those he worked for were seeking.

FROM MICHAEL >>>  Almost half of the book is written.  The first four chapters are to the final editing pass before it comes back to me and I am trying to knock out a bunch this weekend.  Overall, the book is moving forward 😉

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