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TKG12 We Have Contact Coming Soon Smaller2Yollin Deep Space Ship – G’laxix Sphaea

Kael-ven T’chmon reviewed the deep sensor readings and recordings from their last three trips around this sun. He pointed to one area within an asteroid belt, “This, this is one area they are mining and possibly manufacturing.”   He spoke to no one in particular, as he reviewed the holographic information on the bridge.

Moving around the display, he pointed at the third planet from the sun, “Here, here is their world with their pitiful technology base.” Reaching forward with his two arms he spread them apart to zoom in on the planet.

The Yollin’s Captain was from their noble line. He had four legs and two arms. “Here is the one moon they have near their planet. It looks like they are using it as a base of some sort. We will have to search closer to see much here.”

The captain slapped his hands together, and the display disappeared, “Pah! This is such a backwater location. It is embarrassing that I was chosen to scout it for our King.” He scratched his dry skin, a piece flaking off he grabbed and stuck in his mouth, thinking about what he had just reviewed.

He started walking towards the soft couch captains used. It had no back, rather it was 4 feet long and 2 feet wide. Captains of Yollin ships sit their long torsos on the top and use their four legs to grab underneath to lock themselves in.

Kael-ven T’chmon lowered himself into the Captain’s Rest and looked around the bridge. While it was true that it was an honor to be given this opportunity by the king, to have it show up as such a poor technology base was … embarrassing.

“Perhaps they will have some technology we have not seen, which will make all of this effort worthwhile. If so, then we can go back through the Annex Gate and advise our King to expand the acquisition effort. If not, our expedition must be complete so that we can decide how many solar years before we come back.”

“Captain?” The communications specialist called out. “Should we ping for the Master Race?”

Captain Kael-ven T’chmon grunted. “That is a good question specialist Melorn. While we have not seen any evidence the Kurtherians have been here, should we not abide by the Rules of Acquisition, our King would have our heads,” the Captain opened up the display on his right side to note his command.

“Send the ping,” he spoke the command as he documented the action in his log.  He looked up, “Melorn, make sure we have all been updated with the basic language node for this … location.”  The Captain completed his command, trying to keep an even keel on what had been, so far, a rather unimpressive scouting trip.


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