We Have Contact Snippet 12 of …


TQB Base, Australia

Marcus ran through the hallway in the Australian base, “Excuse me! Pardon, need to slide between you two!” He was working his way to the front of the cafeteria, but it was quite congested.  There were a lot of people annoyed as he got closer to the front.  Finally, he heard Bobcat yell out over the crowd, “Hey!”

Everyone stopped their chatting and looked to see Bobcat standing on the table in the front of the meeting room pointing to the group where Marcus was standing, “Would you PLEASE allow my friend, and the only damned gravitic engines expert on this planet, up to the front so he can possibly answer your fucking questions?” he gave everyone a view of his medium-level annoyed face.

Marcus noticed a few of those who had looked irritated with him realize they had been pissed at the man they had probably wanted to try and schmooze.

Marcus shrugged mentally as they gave him enough room to slide out of the crowd and then walk to the table as Bobcat stepped off of it and used his chair to step to the ground.

“Thanks!”  He mumbled.  Marcus was on one side of Bobcat, William the other as the three sat.

“Gott Verdammt scientists, thank God Bethany Anne didn’t have us do this on the ArchAngel.” he replied softly.

What should have been maybe twenty to twenty-eight or so attendees quickly ballooned up to sixty-four.  The countries wanted someone from the military, infrastructure, science and government represented to help make plans.  The team decided that everyone was coming in wearing the same stuff, losing all of their electronics gear, and all would receive a video of the presentation afterwards.

Bobcat had been walking by the table where they dropped off their electronic gear when a female government representative asked a Guardian who was taking their electronics what would stop them from just sharing the video TQB provided them?

Todd had smiled and replied, “Nothing at all.  I’m sure Bethany Anne would love you to do such a thing.  She’s not a huge proponent of keeping everybody in the dark, anyway.”

“But, the masses would riot,” the government representative argued.

“You know this, or did you guess this?” Todd asked while he boxed up the communications equipment and placed an ID tag on it, “Or you just don’t want to deal with it if you can kick the problem down the road?”

“Not everyone has the option of just flying out of here if the world goes down the tube!”  She tossed over her shoulder as she walked away.  Bobcat grinned and spoke low enough that only the werewolves or vampires in the group would hear him.

“She would shit bricks if she knew what we had to go through, to just fly out of here.  Like we won a lottery to be so lucky.  Or shit, does she think we stop working at five o’clock?”  Todd nodded his head that he heard Bobcat, before he introduced himself to the next person in line.

“Alright everybody, settle down!” Bobcat stared at everyone as they finally started sitting down and taking their seats. “I would like to get a few things straight before we get started. My name is Bobcat,” he turned to his left, “his name is William,” he then turned to his right, “this gentleman here is Marcus.”  Bobcat turned back to everyone, “Before you get too rambunctious, please understand a few years ago I was a helicopter pilot.” He jerked a thumb at William, “he has been, and always will be, a wrench monkey.” Bobcat heard a few chuckles at his comment. He turned to his right, “And he is, well,” he looked over to Marcus and scratched his chin, “Actually, he is a rocket scientist.” A few more chuckles happened as Marcus shrugged.

Bobcat heard William’s voice in a sing-song, “Which one of these things is not like the other?”

Ignoring his friend, Bobcat continued, “We are not in your chain of command, we don’t give a shit about your government, we are here because our Queen, Bethany Anne, has requested us to help fill you in and answer questions. As you can tell, I am not accustomed to speaking in front of a large audience and frankly if my language offends you,” he pointed to the exit, “Don’t let the nonexistent door hit you on the ass on your way out.”

Bobcat grabbed his drink and took a sip, “So, if you can’t be civil, and I’m looking at you, government representatives in the audience, then please just keep your mouth shut. I am pretty sure your government would not appreciate finding out that your snarky comments caused your whole team to be forcefully ejected from this discussion.” He set his mug back down, “Just a little insight, we are a betting group, and I have odds that France will be the first country removed.”

There were certainly some chuckles from the audience this time, however those representatives from France bit their tongues and didn’t say a word.  Bobcat frowned and looked over to the group representing France, “Dammit, I’ve got a hundred bucks riding on you guys pissing us off, don’t go being a better man than me right now!” This time, Bobcat was able to get even the French representatives to chuckle.

Shaking his head, Bobcat got back on task, “Okay, we have received most of the questions and eliminated the duplicates. For the most part, Marcus will answer a lot of the technical questions, and will be around in order to answer more of the refined scientific questions after our main meeting. This is so three quarters of our audience and myself, won’t have our ears bleed from having to listen to too much math.”

This time, Bobcat was able to get a few cheers from the audience. He picked up his mug and waved it out to the audience, “Plus, there is free beer when this is all over.” Significant cheering happened at that point.

“You bastard!” William whispered, “That’s how you’re going to get the meeting to stay on time!” Bobcat chuckled under his breath.

Bobcat reached down and picked up the first note card, “I am not going to stipulate which country this might or might not be from, since we might have received it from multiple sources. So, here goes the first question. ‘Why do you believe the aliens are not friendly?’”

Marcus stood up, “Bethany Anne explained to your political leaders that our massive advances in technology are due to integration between alien technology and earth’s technology. She did not explain that part of the reason we can integrate so well is that we are, in fact, in communication with an alien.”

It took a couple of minutes for the room to settle down. “Please, don’t make me point out which of those countries represented here already have alien technology in their possession. So, let’s get over the fact that aliens exist and move on.  For anyone that wants to question my assertion that we are in communication with aliens, you can merely look to the fact that our alien technology is working. Either we are that much smarter than everybody else, or we have outside knowledge.  I suppose another option would be that we found the alien equivalent of a Rosetta Stone. However, I will assert that isn’t true and you can believe what you wish.”

Marcus reached down and lifted up his tablet to flip it to another page of his notes, “No, the alien is not going to be made available for your review. No, he is not going to be at your ‘beck and call’, no he isn’t interested in switching sides.” Marcus looked up, “Yes, he has a name. He named himself Thiles of Miletus, Bethany Anne calls him ‘TOM’ for short.  So, that is what we call him.”  he looked around, “I can see from my inquisitive friends in the audience wondering why he chose that name.” There were a few heads nodding in the audience, “It is because TOM felt that Thiles of Miletus’s focus on math represented his clan’s efforts to understand math in their core. He is one of twelve clans of aliens which make up the Kurtherians.”

Marcus continued, “A short, short background on Kurtherians is that they are what some science fiction writers would call a master race. Any of the technology you see us using is something Kurtherians had a minimum of a millennia or more in our pre-history.   This group of aliens, twelve clans, broke up into two groups. A group of seven, and a group of five. The group of seven aliens, over time, took to modifying sentient races on planets until they achieved enough technological and warfare capabilities to fight another race. Often, these fights would be in different solar systems.”

“So, in time the seven decided to take their enhanced races and use them as cannon fodder to attack the five.   One of the five clans decided to try and help a few races out in the universe by helping them evolve so that they might be able to at least have a fighting chance should the time come.”

Behind the three guys a large screen showed the original spaceship screenshot from the video that had been shared with the world leaders the previous day. Bobcat spoke, “We do not know if the spaceship in this somewhat blurry picture is a Kurtherian ship or not.  For the sake of safety, we are going to assume that it can be inimical to the human race. While we have no intentions of blowing it out of the sky, I can guarantee you we have no intentions of it leaving if we can stop it.”

Bobcat lifted up another postcard, “What can our countries do to prepare?” Bobcat looked across the audience, “One, you can consider whether or not you want to provide acknowledgment that aliens exist in the first place. Second, you have to fight the concept that any advanced race that could attain faster than light travel would obviously be friendly.  Assuming you don’t want to do either one or two, or both, you should probably stick your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodbye.”

William stood up and shook his head towards his two friends before looking out at the audience. “You need to focus your scientific efforts into genetics, gravitic capabilities and proactive ideas around defense.  It would help if you decided to get along with your fellow man, so you’re not fighting each other. But rather fighting what’s coming at you from up there.” He pointed to the ceiling. “We recognize that there is a lot of expectation that if you discuss aliens with a large group of people, there will be mass hysteria. Or, that is the general assumption of your governments.  If you don’t get them prepared, then make sure you have plans should you need to explain this to them really quickly.”  William sat back down.

As William sat down, Marcus took his seat as well. Bobcat pulled up the next card, “Assuming this ship is malevolent, and we can contain it, how much time does that buy us?” Bobcat looked out to the group, “Honestly, we don’t know. While we suspect that this particular ship, after discussions with our alien contact, is a scout ship. The safest assumption is five years. Although, it could be as much as 20 years. In the off-chance that they are friendly, then it could be a few hundred years. We are not in a major pass-through zone out here. According to TOM, they probably believe our solar system is a useless dead end. This is one of the reasons we have been left alone for so long. We have evidence that shows we have been visited by both the five and the seven. One of these days, could be next week, could be ten years, they will come back and check on us.”

Apparently, the beer was not as big a draw as the information Bobcat, William and Marcus were providing. Bobcat lost his bet with William when they went over the time limit by three hours.

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