NEVER SUBMIT – Snippet 05 of …


QBBS Merideth Reynolds – Queen’s Workout Area

TKG15 NEVER SUBMIT KINDLE 640Kiel’s click-click as he walked down the floor offset with Kael-ven’s click-click, click-click of his four legs as the two Yollins passed the set of guards.

The first set of guards were there to make sure you knew and intended to be entering the Queen’s workout area. Ass-kickings, they would tell you, would happen after you passed this first post.

The two Yollins spoke with the guards who mentioned they might want to pause a couple of minutes. Two idiots would be coming back out, shortly.

Two Wechselbalg had not realized that Eric and Gabrielle were an item and decided to say they were here to have a friendly spar with the Captain of the Queen’s Bitches.

One of the guards looked at the first Wechselbalg when they had approached, “I’m sorry, did you say you were here for a friendly spar with the Captain?”

“Yes, she uh, she invited us,” The first stated and turned to his partner who shook his head vigorously in agreement.

“Right,” the lead guard turned to his partner, “Felix, would you be so kind as to inform Gabrielle her friendly sparring match is here?”

Felix was a better actor than his partner, Steve.  He picked up his tablet and dialed the Captain’s number and informed her that two Wechselbalg were here for, he looked at the time on the tablet before telling her, “Your 3:25 PM friendly sparring match with them?”

The two Wechselbalg were passed through, huge smiles on their faces. When they turned the corner, Felix lifted up his tablet again and punched three numbers and waited for a response.

A female’s voice responded, “Hello, Infirmary?”

“Yes, this is Felix down in Queen’s Workout Area,” he replied.

“How many?”  

“Two Wechselbalg,” Felix replied.

“Time?”  She inquired.

Felix replied with only a moment’s hesitation, “I imagine about one minute after they start, so call it a couple of minutes?”

“Oh, someone being stupid?” the voice said on the other side of the line, “I’ll have them right over, and I’ll get Peter on the line. When they get healed, he will be there to deliver his own punishment.”

“Understood, thank you,” Felix hung up.

Four minutes later, two Wechselbalg, each with both arms and legs broken, whimpering as the blood ran down their heads were being carried out. Felix put up a hand to stop the infirmary personnel.  He snapped his fingers in front of the guy that had spoken for the two of them. “Just so you know, in case you are wondering, there ARE no friendly matches down here. Everything is training as hard as you can.  So, be thankful she only broke your arms and legs.”

“Thankful?” the other guy asked, confusion in his voice as he spoke around a mouth and jaw just then starting to heal properly.

Felix looked over to the other male, ‘Well, yeah. If she wanted, she could have killed you for unauthorized use of the Queen’s area without permission.”

FROM MICHAEL >>> This is SUPER short as I need to write on NEVER SUBMIT!

LOVE YOU ALL, I’m charging hard and writing a cool scene of ass-kicking…

I just want to say, “They started it!”  😉


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